Dementia Spotlight Foundation envisions a world that does not fear dementia. We see instead, communities capable of embracing dementia as a disability and supporting the needs experienced by individuals and families living with a changing brain. 

“What now?” 

A basic question, asked by countless families after a Dementia diagnosis. But, it’s this very question, these two simple words that spurred the launch of a foundation dedicated to providing resources, direction and actionable answers. Simply, we’re here to help  with “what now?”

With a focus on LIFE before loss, RIGHTS before research, and CARE before cure, we are dedicated to changing perspective and improving life experiences of individuals, families, and communities affected by the increasing and always changing condition of dementia.


We believe in the unlimited possibility of maintaining rewarding and meaningful life for those directly affected by dementia. 

Dementia Spotlight sponsors and provides funding for the United States Dementia Action Alliance. The only group of it’s kind inclusive of People Living with Dementia, this volunteer coalition is engaged in changing our nation’s understanding and attitudes about dementia. Learn more about this trusted resource for families seeking to be involved in the change they want to see. And don’t miss the first ever North American Dementia Conference at the Westin Hotel Buckhead Atlanta Georgia, June 25-27.

While research holds hope for us all, the fears and stigmas of dementia as it is currently perceived disempower and isolate families and individuals diagnosed every day. With over 8.3 million people who will be living with dementia by 2030, THIS HAS TO STOP! Dementia is a disability and individuals have a right to community accommodations that can allow them to continue to live engaged and meaningful lives. 

If you are living with dementia...YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We encourage individuals and family members to connect with others who know how it feels. Dementia Spotlight is grateful to sponsor dementia advocate Robert Bowles.  “Living Beyond Diagnosis”  with Lewy Body Dementia, Robert is shining his SPOTLIGHT on the need for dementia friendly communities across the nation. His collaborative effort will create a culture change of understanding, respect and support for families living with the disability of dementia.  

Dementia is a complex life condition. It requires courage, new understanding, planning, community outreach, new interpersonal skills, and above all else, a willingness to LEARN MORE. Dementia Spotlight is proud to provide in person and internet based experiential educational and support programs for individuals and families. Check back soon for our 2017 calendar of upcoming event and programs