Partnership Grants:  We are proud to partner with leading organizations that are dedicated and committed to making strides in bringing dementia awareness to our communities.

  If you are living with dementia and located in the Atlanta area, United Against Dementia would like to learn more from you about your experiences and the supportive changes you would like to see from your local community. Contact us to participate in a “Defining Dementia Friendly” focus group conversation near you.

Dementia Spotlight provides training scholarships, for professionals who want to apply to become certified in the Positive Approach© to care techniques taught by world renowned expert Teepa Snow. With over 30 plus years of experience, her multi-modal training programs and hands on care techniques are being taught in 32 countries around the globe.

Persons living with dementia interested in participating in the 2017 Re-Imagine Life with Dementia North American Conference can apply for scholarships that will cover conference registration and travel expense for two to attend. 

For more information about these opportunities please email